Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Years Day at the Zoo

On New Years Day we packed the kids in the car and took them to the free day at the Zoo. I can only think of one word that comes to mind. CRAZY
We couldn't find a parking spot anywhere down town. We decided to finally park illegally with a bunch of other cars. Once we got in it was fun. The kids had a blast, afterwards we went to eat at 59Diner. Good food, fun, and family it doesn't get better than that.

Later that night we did fireworks, these fireworks were probably a couple years old. So some of them just caught on fire. It was pretty funny after letting a couple off the kids and I ran in the house and watched outside of the window.

New years Eve (better late than never)

the Ladies

For New Years Eve we went to dinner with 8 other couples to a Japanese steak house. Lots of Fun!! We came home in time to get the babysitters home and break out the sparkling cider. Ande was the only one still awake, but as Wade and I ran around the house making noise and spraying each other with silly string Emily woke up and was wondering what the heck we were doing. Wade and I have so much fun together. We had a blast spending the evening with good friends, and each other.

The Men

Monday, December 29, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

My Christmas present from Wade. I went out shopping on Saturday when the men from Best Buy dropped these off and installed them. I didn't see them until Christmas morning when Wade gave me some tide and told me to go put it in the laundry room. I knew he had something in store, but I never would have guessed this. We really did need a new washer and dryer, our old ones we got for free when we got married and they were pretty old when we got them. I love these and their RED. How cool is that?

Ande got a new high chair. He was soooo excited!:)
I think it's funny how his feet hang

Emily got princess shoes for her princess outfit.

Ande after eating his Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas Day

Wade made his famous Chocolate dessert

Brenen so excited for his Yoda bobble head
His favorite gift was Indiana Jones lego game.

Emily got everything she needed to be a pretty princess.

Okay so Wade bought me some chocolate I opened the box and he had eaten all but one. I laughed so hard, it was so funny. I love that man

Brenen and Emily giving each other a hug after opening each others presents. Brenen gave Emily her princess dress, and Emily gave Brenen a spy kit.

The Temple

We went to the Temple the Saturday before Christmas. We wanted to let the kids walk around the Temple grounds and see the Houston Temple. It was a good experience for the kids, and we were able to explain to them that this was the House of The Lord. It was a nice family outing and we went to Ben and Jerry's afterward for some ice cream.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Emily bowling, I think the last time we took
Em bowling she just ran around the whole time. This time she wanted to bowl.

Wade after getting a strike
Wade got, I think, 4 or 5 strikes. He beat everyone.

Grandma Badger after getting a strike

Brenen getting ready to get his game on.
It's on like donkey kong!

hiking in Nevada

I miss the mountains in Nevada!

Sami, Tricia, David, Michelle, and Me
The Stoddard Family

The Badger Family

We flew into Reno Nevada, on November 15, We were met by Wade's family. We packed everyone up into three different cars and headed over to the Plaza Hotel in downtown Reno. Wade's folks were staying there. They had an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub outside, ping pong, and pool. We had pizza and played for a couple hours and then were picked up by my parents to go and spend the next 4 days with them. Brenen and Emily were so excited to see everyone, both their Grandparents were here, which was fun for them. We went to church with my family the next day, We wrote out everything we wanted to do while in Nevada, Wade suggested a hike, (It was more of a slow walk on flat ground). It was so nice to go out and see mountains and tall trees. These are the pictures from hiking, I figured I would have to do a bunch of different posts from our vacation, I have a lot of pictures. After we went hiking we went bowling, something Brenen really wanted to do, I will post pics of this later, I never know how much later, I haven't posted for almost two months. I know I'm lame, but I am going to play catch up now.